Job Opportunity - Shoeburyness, Essex

Location: Shoeburyness, Essex

Job title: Accounts Assistant

Salary: £18,000 - £22,000

Benefits: 23 Days holiday + study support

A great role has become available in a well established firm in the Southend on Sea area.

You will be working directly with the Group Accountant and have great opportunities to learn and develop.

Duties will include, but will not be limited to:

- Banking transactions and reconciliations

- Monitoring and updating the cash flow model alongside the Group Accountant

- Variance analysis and other ad hoc analytical work alongside the Group Accountant

- Exposure to Intrastat work and VAT returns

- National statistics returns

- General assistance with management accounts

- Assisting with upgrading of accounting system alongside the Group Accountant

- Assisting with the implementation of systems, procedures and controls

This is a role for young ambitious accountants, looking for a stable position in a company with a low staff turnover.

Please email your CV to [email protected]

Thank you & Good Luck


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Can I suggest you remove 'young' from this advert? Not only will you have trouble with discrimination laws but you could miss out on a really good candidate who is a bit 'older'.

    I hope this isn't representative of employers who use AAT for their staff, otherwise there are a lot of us career changers wasting our time. I would suggest AAT has some responsibility for it's students to get the message out to employers that age discrimination is wrong on all levels and in both directions.
  • Jamess
    Jamess Registered Posts: 3
    It was simply a suggestive comment meant in the way of "young in career/experience". So therefore this would be more than suitable for career changers with less experience in accountancy and finance fields.

    There never was and never will be discrimination of any kind. And I would "suggest" that you seek advice on recruiters definitions before posting comments which are completely ludicrous.

    We have had a number of candidates interview across a wide spectrum of ages and they clearly read the post as it was intended.

  • StuartW
    StuartW Registered Posts: 472 Dedicated contributor 🌟 🐵 🌟
    @Jamess - I think ariadne was well within her rights to question the use of 'young' here. However recruiters may define 'young and ambitious', in the world at large that term could easily be interpreted as discriminatory.

    Moreover, I don't appreciate you using this tone with an established member of the forums, given this was your first post. Responding to a fair point by calling it 'ludicrous' doesn't reflect too well on your firm, either.
  • Nps
    Nps Registered Posts: 782
    Well said Stuart!

    I think Ariadne was quite right to challenge the term and whilst I can appreciate that it is easy to make a 'clumsy' error when wording an advert (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt here), the sensible response would have been to appreciate that it could have been phrased better, apologise, re-word it, and move on.

    Let's hope that this is not indicative of the culture at Industrial Metals.
  • Jamess
    Jamess Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you for your comments.

    I just felt it was a bit unfair to make something out of nothing - that's all.

    I/we do not discriminate and I felt aggrieved to be accused of such a thing.

    But I fully appreciate your comments and understand how "certain" people could have misinterpreted the post - I will bare you comments in mind and avoid this situation in the future.

    Many thanks.
  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    In the meantime, now that everyone has stopped misunderstanding each other and making mountains out of molehills... :o

    There are a number of posts on here from people struggling to find entry level accounts jobs (of all ages). We need to encourage more employers to use the forum as a means of finding suitable staff to give those who are newly qualified/in the process of qualifying more of a chance.

    Whilst I agree with the point made by ariadne, the second paragraph of the post seems unnecessary before further information was sought, and does little to encourage others to look here for prospective employees if the only responses are to slate a slightly badly thought-out bit of wording in their advert. That is not to say it should be ignored, but perhaps addressed less aggressively at least until the point is clarified.

    So does anyone want a job??
  • Nps
    Nps Registered Posts: 782
    "Certain" people? That'll be employment lawyers then. Because whichever way you meant it, the advert breached discrimination laws and was not acceptable, whether it was intentional or not. This was correctly pointed out to you and the advert could have been easily amended, yet your responses appear to be sarcastic by the unnecessary emphasis on certain words. Your explanation was fair enough until "certain" at which point it just feels like you are still blaming others for misunderstanding.

    My boss placed an advert which could also have been misunderstood (an almost identical phrase to this one actually), the Job Centre pointed it out to him, he said "oops, sorry" and rephrased it. Simple. No blaming others for misunderstanding just a "fair point, I'll re-word it". He genuinely did not realise how his wording came across. End of story. As this should have been.

    Whilst I do agree with CeeJay that employers should be encouraged to advertise here, it should be done appropriately and adverts should be to the standard as would be expected in mainstream adverts. Any threat to equality should not be allowed though the back door and Ariadne and Stuart were quite right to challenge.
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