MIP Changing from Registered to Licenced - Overwhelmed! Any help appreciated

I am a one man band, I have a part time job which is not applicable, and my own Accounting business, I had a busy summer, so December is for Self-Assessments (Sole Trader accounts) which I have a few to do. Then I get through the letter to say renew now. Then I realise I have to update my CPD, AAT web won't allow me access, when I get access my dates overlap, I have now spent 4 hrs trying to do CPD, let alone all the other items, and no work done neither. Just wondering if anyone else is in same boat, is it worth it for someone like me, I haven't had a day off for months, yet I don't earn a lot, if you are in an accountants office you could ask a colleague any questions, I have to be specialist in all fields, I could ring CCH and pay for a question answered! Gross fee income - do I include my regular job, who is out there to ask who isn't going to make me feel like I am an inch tall?


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    ' I haven't had a day off in months, yet I don't earn a lot'

    There is a simple solution here: increase your fees.

    You will probably lose a few cheapskate clients, but keep the ones who value you. The result will be more income, fewer hours and work life balance restored.

    Value yourself more...no-one can work without a break for ever.

    That post sounds like a real cry for help. Keep going as you are and you will make yourself ill.

    I have worked in a part time job and run a solo part time practice for the last 4 years. I earn enough without having to work weekends or evenings, so it is possible.
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    Thank you Paul. I hear you. Just at the stage where I need someone else, but haven't the time (or not the right time) to get someone else, all my self assessments backing up. I'm in limbo really, many clients are friends, so they think its ok to be disorganised, etc etc. I earn a decent wage but know I should be more, I am quite happy working alone etc just when sometimes you need an answer for something I haven't come across for a while or something new, the self-doubt or fear perhaps of getting something wrong makes everything harder. Wish you all the success in yours glad you have the balance right, I keep stating I'll just get this done and before I know it Ive put a shift in again! Managed to get on with my CPD today until I dropped my laptop and had to start again. Think I am just having a run of frustration. I will be fine
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    OK good luck with it all.

    Maybe when self assessment season is over have a serious think about what to do.

    Sub-contract work out ( if there is the margin in the fees) or let a few of the rubbish clients go.
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