Business Tax - AQ2014?


I'm sitting the Business Tax module and have been working towards the 2013 standards.

Logging on to the Green Light tests for this module, there appears to be two sets of questions, one marked for 2013, one for 2014.

The only difference I can see for these is that there are slightly different limits for National Insurance levels.

But which set of standards is going to be tested in the exam (I have it next week)? If I am asked a calculation on how much NI is payable, what is the correct set of figures to use?

The textbook which I had bought last month seems to indicate for exams up to December 2014.


  • garycash
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    Acutally I was wrong about that. There are quite a few differences.

    So my question is, if I am sitting this exam next week, will I be sitting for FA2013 or FA2014 version, or is there a choice?

    I really need to know so I can prepare. I have done nothing for the 2014 and it appears there are extra things in there which I was not aware of.
  • liveprincess
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    can you check on your booking confirmation if it says what FA it will be? When I studied this my book was old but it didn't make any difference to me. If you learn the rules you can apply them to any question and all the figures you need will be given to you in the exam anyway. I used old practice assessments from 2009-2013 and figures will different every year. it helps you actually understand what you doing rather than doing things by memory
  • garycash
    garycash Registered Posts: 8
    Yeah, thanks. I've asked around at BPP and it appears that the FA 2013 is assessed until the end of the year.

    One question, where do you get the old practice assessments from? On the Learning zone here I can only see last year's paper, and one for the FA 2014.
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