PPE and Trade receivables calculation for SFP Level 4


I am completing Mock assessment 1 on the AAT website and I am getting myself confused. Firstly, could some explain how the Property Plant and Equipment comes to £51357 as per the answer sheet? I am getting £46362 as my answer :(

Also, I have seen on a previous thread that included in the calculation for the trade and other receivables there is a prepayment of £130 for distribution costs, but I can't see where this has come from.

I thought I was finally getting this subject but this has really knocked my confidence, just in time for my exam too.

Any help anybody can give would be much appreciated!

Thank You



  • vjhoc90
    vjhoc90 Registered Posts: 3
    Ok so have just realised where the prepayment for distribution has come from...did not read the info properly (my biggest problem I fear!!)

    But could still use help on the PPE if possible?

    Thank you!

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