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Hi all,

Does anyone have a list of the nominal codes in IRIS, I have just started using it and I am fully understanding with SAGE codes. But when it comes to IRIS I am lost.

Thank you in advance :smiley:


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Hi, we use IRIS at work. When I started I asked my boss for a list of the nominal codes so I could understand them but he wouldn't give them to me and now I understand why. There's just so many, and most of the time you probably won't use most of them! The main ones I use are Sales = 1, Purchases = 27, Opening Stock = 18, Closing Stock = 74. Most of the expenses are in the range 230-290 and are found under Administrative Expenses. Bank charges = 378, Depreciation = 390/13,14,15 etc (but this is an example of where there are many IRIS codes for the same thing depending on exactly where you want it to show on the P&L!). What I always do is ask for a TB of the clients' last year's accounts (if we have prepared them), which lists the nominal codes that have been used, then I can make sure I use the same codes for the current year. It's not quite as easy as Sage for just printing off a standard list I'm afraid.
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    thank you Rozzi, if I get stuc again I will ask you if that's ok?
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    Ask your boss to print off a TB for one of the bigger client from Iris, should have the most common codes. That's what I used to do.
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    A very good idea Stevo5678, what is the code for dividends?
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    also what is the nominal code for net wages control ac and tax/nic control in the balance sheet, please?
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    I agree with Stevo5678; the best thing to do is to get your boss/job manager to print you a trial balance off from a bigger job with most of the codes you will need on or to get them to print off an actual list of all the Iris codes. My job manager did this for me when I started and it has been great help, so I imagine you can print them off from some option within Iris. If you want me to find out for you how exactly let me know! I find that in time you start to remember increasingly more of the codes :)
    AAT Level 3 :)
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    Thanks Amy and Steve, I am actually starting to get to grips with IRIS now, touch wood :)!
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