Finished L3 Self Study. Whoop

I sat AP2 today and passed so I am all done with L3 and looking forward to having a shiny new certificate - anyone know how this happens? I was lazily guessing it was automatic. I rushed through the final four modules, after a long break of over a year, it took just over a month to get through, I needed to pass before the end of the month as I am on 2010 standards. Phew to not having to sit the new Ethics module or transitional exam.

I definitely recommend self study for L3, at least giving it a try before paying extra for tuition. I did have to buy the spreadsheet module for the marking but apart from that I studied from secondhand books off eBay to keep costs down. It has saved me a lot of money. I'm going to give L4 and perhaps ACCA F1-3 a try self study next. I already have some books and more expected soon but I am having a break for Christmas. I've spent almost every day doing at least a little AAT study so I'm exhausted and very sore from being hunched over books or a laptop.

Good luck to anyone taking exams and I hope you get a break for Christmas.
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