Spreadsheet Sample Assessment


I'm little confused with this practice assessment and the lecturer from the college hasn't been very helpful so I hope you can help me please?

When it is asking to highlight the highest bids in the ebid file I can't seem to get it to work at all! Can someone give me the steps on how to do this please? I'm using excel 2010.

The answer I got from the lecturer was that conditional formatting is straight forward and you click on it from the styles menu (which I already know!). I'm really panicking in case this comes up in the real exam.



  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    In Excel 2013 you simply highlight all required cells, hit Conditional Formatting and select 'Highlight Cell rules' then 'more rules'.

    This brings up a box in which you can choose your rule (in this case, highlight lowest/highest), and set the formatting you want when the rule is met.
  • BYERS24
    BYERS24 Registered Posts: 7
    Thanks for replying.

    When I've tried this its creating a 2 tone effect on the values. Would this be allowed in the assessment?
  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    I think you just need to change the 'fill' format choice within the settings box (check the tabs along the top of the box), sounds like it's applying a pattern rather than a solid fill.
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