I need a little advice!

Hi everyone,

It's the first time I've posted here so sorry if it's in the wrong category.

I'm part way through level 4 having completed ICAS, budgeting, auditing and personal tax. I've attempted financial performance and statements quite a few times with no joy as of yet!

I'm doing it through an apprenticeship scheme and sitting the exams at a local college. They've said that if I don't pass the last two by 31/12 this year I can no longer do it on the scheme and therefore can't sit my exams there as the apprenticeship will be over. This is fine with me as my employer isn't fussed as I can still do the job.

Is there a time limit from AAT, or will I still be able to sit the exams as and when I want with another provider such as Kaplan or I think I've seen BPP mentioned on here?

Thanks in advance!

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