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Hi fellow AAT members.
I've taking the decision to branch out on my own, having been nudged heavily into the decision following a recent redundancy. There is a lot to put in place over the coming month or so, but one of the biggest hurdles appears to be the Continuity of Practice Agreement & professional nominee contract. I have been to the MIP Introduction meet and recently attended the online Webinar (thank you AAT for putting that together, very useful) but it does seem a lot to ask to have someone commit to the Continuity of Practice Agreement. Is it viewed as being something to steer clear of amongst existing MIP members, with regards to prospective new MIP's, or am I looking at this being a hurdle when it could very well be viewed as something MIP's are happy to get involved with?
I have used the MIP contact pages to broach the subject with MIP's local to me, and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully someone will be kind enough to consider assisting me as a professional nominee so that I can start on the road to be an MIP myself.
If there is any additional useful help/advise I'm extremely receptive.
Thank you,
Mark Brown.


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    When I started as a MIP I just looked in the AAT MIP directory to see which members were nearest to me, then I started calling them. The first person had just retired, but they were happy for me to put them down as my professional nominee if I couldn't find anyone else. The second person was more than happy to be my professional nominee. It was a pain free experience and much easier than I was expecting. I have found that most MIPs are friendly and willing to help others. Just pick up the phone and give it a go. Best of luck.
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    Thank you for putting my mind at rest.
  • browny76
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    A bit of a long shot, I know, but.... If there are any AAT members in practice around the Ruislip (Middlesex) area that would be happy to assist me with the Continuity of Practice Agreement, by being my professional nominee, I would be delighted to meet up and discuss with you. I've discovered that not all members are keen to get involved, which is understandable of course.
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