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I am currently studying AAT Level 4 and looking for a job. The options which I would like to study are Business Tax and Cash Management. Yesterday evening I spoke with my tutor about which options I should take. She is thinking of putting me in for Business Tax and Personal Tax. Is Cash Management going to make me more employable than Personal Tax?


  • ariadne
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    I've heard personal tax is good to prior to business tax. I was thinking about doing the tax options myself, while I don't know which are best I think tax is more helpful for practice accountancy where you have a range of client types. I did cash management at L3 which was fairly basic and easy to learn, I'm not sure how helpful it would be but those techniques could be picked up easily in the workplace (much felt like common sense although the exam was awful due to vague wording), as opposed to tax which is a lot of new knowledge. L4 CMGT should be more in depth than L3. Have a look on MyAAT at the elearning slide packs for a taste of the learning involved, the 2010 L3 stuff should be available and a more gentle introduction to CMGT. It's very much a maths module with lots of percentages - lagged payments was a big topic at L3, calculating cash received from credit customers each month with a percentage who pay after one month, two month or some paying in cash which needs to be deducted first.
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