Hello, can anyone help...
I'm about to sit my spread sheet exam. At the exam centre I use we have to flick between the question sheet and the excel answer sheet during the exam... it really wastes time in the exam as there is a lot of detail in the questions and so I'm refering back to the questions a lot. Is it normal for exam centres to refuse to print out the question sheet? is there anything I can do to get this changed?


  • ariadne
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    I had a printed sheet (Kaplan centre as distance learner), I can see why it's useful to have on paper, although my exam was summer last year. Have you requested a printed copy especially? I found there was plenty of time for this exam and you may be able to copy and paste from the document which could save time.
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    I am also a distance learning student, and they printed the question workbook for me (to save flicking between the two screens). They are normally quite reasonable and just say you are not allowed to remove the question book from the exam.

    Sorry for the late reply, hope it went well :) Good luck for your results.
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    I completed this unit when it was known as SPSW! My exam centre were happy for us to print the paper... as mentioned above, it is much easier and you can also make notes on it/mark off questions as completed... just can't remove from exam room.
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