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Hi there,

I have a client who had a previous accountant and became behind on his vat so ended up receiving demands. He is a good customer and just wants to pay and have his account up to date. I have set up to act on his behalf as an agent and have filed all his returns now to date. But when I go on line it shows the vat returns but not the amounts that have been allocated, statements or anything. How am I suppose to check how HMRC have allocated as I believe there to be a discrepancy, but unsure as I don't have all the info for the client.

I have also called HMRC and they just say go through the statement and won't give me any further info.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue, as I have gone back through the bank statements which regards to what he has paid etc, but this is potentially going back to 2012, with out HMRC workings it does make it extremely difficult to work it out. Is there a way around this, to get the information? Would it be easier if he set up the vat himself, but then at this stage it would cause conflict possibly.

Hopefully someone can help!

Really want to help this client.


  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Hi Lor

    Yeah, that is annoying that we can't check clients' accounts. The answer is for the client to have their own login (or for you to set up a login as the client). This then gives access to their account and doesn't stop you being authorised as their agent.
  • lor
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    thanks Rozzi, I have requested a ledger break down via a email, hopefully this will shed some light!
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