Apprenticeships at Level 3 and outcome


I am due to start an Level 3 AAT apprenticeship after finishing A Levels. I am going to start working in a small local practice accounting firm. I got 240 UCAS points and i'm resitting this external candidate planning to get 300/320 UCAS points.

What types of Accountancy jobs can I apply for once I've completed this Level 3 apprenticeships?

Also saying if I have completed the Level 4 or even 3, I would like to know if the top 4 firms or even the top mid tier firms would be interested in me?



  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Just be aware that some big firms won't count your resits of A Levels, they only use your first, all in one attempt, marks. So you could be wasting your time unless you are aiming for university. Get in touch with the sort of firms you'd like to work for before wasting money and time. My a levels are rubbish but luckily got into a good uni and got a good mark (Russell Group 2.1) but still I cannot, 10 years after graduating, apply for firms which stipulate these A Level requirements, nor is there any point resitting for this purpose.

    After an apprenticeship you should be a good candidate for all sorts of accounts roles, you can then work your way up. Big firms do have recruitment schemes for experienced professionals but I suspect this means people with chartered quals or part qualified. However there are many many small and medium size businesses who will look more at your experience and AAT qualification and can progress your career well, moving on to chartered exams and qualification.
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