Internal Control and Accounting Systems (ISYS Project Report)

Hello there,

I am new to AAT as of this year, and have been entered into Level 4. I have just taken my Personal Tax and Financial Performance exams and now awaiting results. In the meantime I am trying to start my Project Report but would really appreciate a little guidance from either those also doing theirs now or those who have already completed theirs.

I have read through the guidance notes and the assessment criteria on the AAT site, as well as my case study but I am mostly struggling with how to choose the focus for my report. Does anyone have any tips on how to decide this - I understand it's supposed to be a specific system of the business, but what do people suggest as the best way to narrow it down to fewer options?

I also have an idea of the layout of the report thanks to a booklet provided by my training provider, however, it's broken it down into Contents, Executive Summary, Methodology, Analysis and Evalutation sections etc, so the further breakdown of 1 Understand the role of accounting within the organisation, 1.1, 1.2 etc, is that supposed to be the whole of one of these sections or included across a few of the main sections? Just a little confused on that layout!

Thanks in advance for any help,

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