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Hello all.

A great time for a syllabus change is at Christmas. Currently have a couple of staff taking AAT and getting into issues understanding how to transfer to 2013 and whether they can take ICAS accross, or even get accross at all. Kaplan have confused things by saying any Government funded person who does not complete whole of Level 4 by December end will have to start level 4 comepletely again, even though they have passed lets say 2/3 exams on 2010 standards.

Heres the questions:

Can you transfer your already passed 2010 to be exempt from equivelent 2013 standards?
Can you do the above if you are government funded? (i dont see why goverment funded means anything seeing as the passed exams are with AAT)
ICAS was passed but they had asked for the transition top up, this will not be done now as they confused these people by saying they must comeplete the whole level which was not going to happen.

Any advise appreciated, at the moment they both think they have to restart the whole level when in my mind just the ones they havent done and restart ICAS.


Heres what Kaplan have written:


You should already be aware that you must have completed your Level 4 studies under AQ2010 by 29th December 2014. Failure to do this will mean that you will have to switch to the new AQ2013 syllabus and potentially do a top-up paper as part of the switch. If you are on a government funded apprenticeship you cannot switch to AQ2013 and so it is imperative that you complete all your Level 4 assessments before the cut-off date.

ICAS is one of the units that you must complete and so you must manage your time carefully in order that you are signed off by 29th December. The AAT will not allow any extensions beyond 29th December and you have to have completed the level by that date so you must make sure that you turn your plan and report submissions around in plenty of time to allow marking and reporting of the unit.


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    AAT new syllabus was changed as from September 2013. However if you were studying under 2010 standards then you were given time to complete all your level 4 units by December 2014.

    If you were enrolled and funded under apprenticeship you had to fully complete your AAT L4 by Dec 2014. If not fully completed then you have not successfully completed your apprenticeship programme. (This programme consists of AAT Level 4 and functional skills units). This may mean for the service provider that they may not get full funding and you may not be funded again for L4 apprenticeship.

    However, any units you have successfully completed under 2010 standard can be fully transferred to 2013 standard except for ICAS unit. A new unit called ISYS has replaced old ICAS unit.

    However ICAS unit can be converted to ISYS unit by completing a transitional unit to cover missing Learning Outcomes that were not covered in ICAS unit.
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    Good afternoon

    What do you think the transfer option might be for :

    Level 4
    Started under NVQ - transferred to AQ2010
    Only the ICAS outstanding
    Non apprenticeship

    My thoughts are that it has to be uploaded by 31st December 2014

    Incidentally was there much change from Unit 10 project to ICAS??
    Just got the mapping document to do, which I find is causing me some concern, any advice??

    Kind regards


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    AAT changes it's standards every 3 years since changes made in 2007

    QCF standards were first introduced in 2010 and first changes to them in 2013

    In every change only only project unit was affected (for Level 4). To convert Unit 10 to ICAS there was a small top-up assignment to complete. And to convert ICAS to ISYS again a small top-up assignment was required to complete.

    If you have not fully completed level 4, AAT will automatically convert your NVQ qualification into QCF 2010 standards giving you like for like achievement for every unit except for the Project Unit.

    Same will happen again when AAT will automatically all units into QCF 2013 standards and give like for like exemption from QCF 2010 standards except for ICAS unit where students will have to complete a top-up assignment to achieve ISYS unit.

    If you are completing your project under Unit 10, it can not be converted into ISYS unit because it is no longer a valid project. For it to be valid the project needs to be less then 2 years. Under ICAS and ISYS units time has been reduced to less then 6 months.

    All your current units will be converted to equivalent units under QCF 2013 standards but you will have to retake ISYS unit. Please note, next changes to standards are due in 2016 and there will be a substantial change.

    Completing Mapping document is quite straight forward. Search this forum and you will find postings showing how to complete the mapping document. There are may good posting for project unit in this forum.

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