Diagnostic tests for AML and Professional Ethics

Dinky MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 26
Can anyone help me? I have applied to become MAAT based on my professional qualifications. I was phoned by someone from the AAT membership department just before Christmas to say that my membership could not be approved as I am self employed and have to submit an MIP application as well.

I have filled in the forms today and sat down to look for the 2 diagnostic tests that I need to pass to progress my application, but when I click on the link I am taken to a page where it says I do not have access to this member content.

I am therefore going round in circles. I can't complete my MAAT application without completing the MIP application, but I can't complete the MIP application as I am not yet MAAT.

I am hoping that I am wrong as this is very frustrating. There is no-one available to speak to before Friday and I am out at client's premises all day. From experience, emails do not get answered.

I really need to sort this asap so would appreciate some advice on how to access these diagnostic tests.

Thanks in anticipation.



  • Lucy_M
    Lucy_M Registered Posts: 136 ? ? ?
    Hi, I was in a similar situation but was able to complete the tests. All I can suggest is logging out and trying again? It should work for you as I didn't have MAAT status when I completed them. Good luck!
  • Dinky
    Dinky MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 26
    Thanks Lucy.

    Were you registered as a guest or as a student?
  • Lizzi
    Lizzi Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Dinky.
    I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but would be interested to see what the answer is, as I am in the same situation. My membership lapsed a while back, but I would now like to join as a Member and MiP. I have done all the forms long hand, but when I log in to do the diagnostic tests, it says I need to reinstate my membership! I called the helpline when I started the application, to see if I could do it on-line, but gave up with that, as I was going round in circles, so have ended up printing off all the forms, and writing it up; but am now stuck with these tests!
  • Dinky
    Dinky MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 26
    Hi Lizzi

    I ended up phoning them and was told that I need to submit my MIP application and once it has been approved then I will be sent a link to take the tests. I have therefore sent off my form without ticking the boxes to say that I have successfully completed these tests......... so why are the tick boxes there?????

    It's a bit of a contradiction so we will see what happens next!
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