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Hi all!

I have a keen problem. I want to help my brother with his self assessment and is the first time for me when I have to deal with HMRC website to send the online tax return. He previously had an accountant, but now, finishing level 3, I know how to calculate his taxes, only the HMRC website is difficult to deal with.

My question is, do I/him have/has to ask the ID and the password of his online HMRC account from his previous accountant to log in or do I have to create a new one even if he has an HMRC account?

Please, help me, because I really need your advice. Thank you in advance!

Have a happy New Year!!


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi elena
    Has your brother got his own user ID and password? If not he needs to register online and HMRC will send an activation code (by post - this may take up to 10 days).
    You can not use the previous accountant's ID, but your brother should inform him he doesn't want to use his services anymore.
    I hope this helps,
  • RichardK
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    Hi elena,

    You probably have the answer already.

    Simply tell your Brother to register with HMRC as already mentioned.

    His accountant can delete him from his client list within a few seconds but your Brother does not have to wait for that to happen.

    He can simply submit his accounts using his own log in details.

    There is a section on the Self Assessment form asking if he seeks taxation advice from anyone or if anyone helped him with his accounts. Just say no to that.

    Your Brother will be submitting the accounts himself (with your undisclosed guidance) using his own HMRC webspace and log in details.

    His previous accountant has his own log in details which he will not share with anyone as this is not the way it works.

  • elena2014
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    MarieNoelle & RichardK thank you so much for your help.

    We did as you told us, we created a new user with his details: UTR no and NIN. On the website says that he will get the activation code in 7 days.
    But how will this code get to him if they didn't ask for any address? Did I do something wrong?

  • RichardK
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    Hi elena,

    The code will be posted to the address to which his UTR is registered will be the same address as stated on his last SA TAX return. Presumably the address which HMRC have is the same one that he is living at?

    Normally the log in details reach you within a few days and not 7 days.

    If you really get stuck and the code does not arrive then I suggest you compose his accounts and then just take the figures to a local accountant to submit throught their TAX software. If they do it that way, they do not need any log in details as their software communicates directly with the HMRC website. They will simply need his UTR.

    They should only charge you about £25 to submit it so a couple of bottles of wine might do it instead :) In fact I recommend you take the wine and a smile instead of cash :)

    Whatever you do just get the accounts ready with the final figures and then you have some choices about how you can submit them.

    You still have plenty of time.

    Whatever you do, don't panic. Just have the figures ready and you will be fine.

    Lastly, if you help him submit his accounts the HMRC website will calculate his Tax liability for him. You can amend and adjust the figures on the HMRC website before you finally submit using the 'Submit' button.

    You can even leave his TAX returns completed on the HMRC website but unsubmitted. You can then submit is any time before the deadline by pressing the 'Submit' button.

    Does this help?

  • elena2014
    elena2014 Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much for your explanations! Yes, it helped me a lot understanding how all these are working and I am very grateful for this.

    Kind regards,
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