Supplementary Pages for Non UK Residents - Can anyone recommend software?

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Happy New Year all.

I have been asked by some friends that are currently living in Australia to file their tax return for the income earned renting out their UK property. They are married but each have a property so I will need to file a return for each one.

They have lived in Australia for a few years now so I believe they are classed as non uk residents? If this is the case then they need to complete the supplementary page (SA104), which is not possible to complete online without commercial software.

I have looked at the 1st few recommended by HMRC and you can get such software for about £25ish, you can buy a number of returns (eg, £25 for 5 return submissions), but only for 1 user. Which seems to indicate I would need to process their self assessments using my agent login.

I have an agents login for HMRC, but I had intended to log into their individual accounts (with permission of course). The reason being it's January and the deadline is fast approaching, also their UK contact address where the authorisation code would go to is the Mother who is actually visiting them in Australia for the next month!

Please can anyone recommend such software? As a rule I mainly do bookkeeping and tax returns for self employed so I have never had the need for such software.

Unless there is a way to get around filling in the SA104 and still filing the return online without commercial sofware (complete a hard copy, scan and attached the pdf as an attachment?...... Not sure HMRC would have that though!!)

Any help or suggestions would be greatly received!
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