What kind of flexible, energising career roles are out there for me?

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

I need a bit of advice, I am in the middle of studying my AAT level 3, took my 1st exam in Cost and Revenues and failed. It was the 1st exam since the start I failed and it did knock my confidence a bit but I have swept this under the carpet due to the fact I also started a new job at the same time of starting my course.

The issue is not that it knocked my confidence so much but since then (and working the job I am doing) I am starting to wonder if Accounts is the way forward for me. I don't necessary feel motivated to continue to Level 4 but I feel that accounts is the only thing I enjoy.

My reasons I believe I feel this way:

I am not really sure what my options in terms of job positions I can do
I find the job I do at current (working there 3 months now) not challenging enough
I also find that with this job and the last they have been very anti social roles (which also I find quite boring)

I am 28 years old and I feel that I am less flexible now as I have a 2.5 year old son and I have settled him into a good nursery. I don't want to mess about with his education to not be working and he has to be out of school.

I enjoy problem solving, and the feeling when I have completed a difficult task. I really enjoy booking but everything is computerized these days and it works different to manual bookkeeping (I am able to use a computer and sage competently)

I need some advice in regards to what job roles I can do now and on completion of my Level 3. I also have a business management degree. Something exciting and challenging but also flexible.

I don't want to give up this light heartedly as I have felt accounts and business has been my strongest topics since I was 15.

If you could please enlighten me on other routes to proceed I would greatly appreciate it as I am now too old to be considered for an apprenticeship.


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    Are you in a small organisation, or a large one? I'm working in a fairly small organisation and my trainee accounts role has so far (in 18 months) included HR (lots of it), role mgmt of 40 staff, project management, facilities mgmt and IT mgmt. I actually wish there was less of all of that and more solely accounting work, but my chartered accountant boss says it's fairly typical of the roles carried out by accountants in SME's. That is, all the jobs that no one else is qualified for tend to fall to the accountant as they are generally known to be fairly knowledgeable across lots of areas. Granted, I am a career changer so have plenty of mgmt experience behind me so those aspects of my new role naturally came in my direction.

    So, in my limited experience, I am finding this accountancy role to be incredibly varied. I imagine if you are in a large company with clearly defined roles, there is little scope to do anything outside of that, so perhaps consider a SME where there is more of a 'everyone pitches in approach'.
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    Thank you for this and sorry for not replying. I have only just seen this and completely forgot I posted this.

    Thank you for the advice!
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