Level 4 Modules Required

Hi all,

I completed level 3 in December and am waiting to move onto Level 4. I am a self learner so work full time and study part time at home when I can. Just a quick question on how Level 4 works?
From what I understand you have compulsory and optional modules in level 4.. Can someone please tell me what modules are compulsory and which are option? Would also be great to know the order in which to study the modules.


  • ariadne
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    I finished L3 last month self study too. I am about to start on the three core exam tested modules, the only order recommended is to do Budgeting before Financial Performance, these both follow on from costs and revenues. The other module is Financial Statements which follows on from the AP modules which may be good to start if you finished L3 with those modules as I did. Then there is a written project which is posted about quite a lot here, you may need to use a distance provider for this who can mark and submit it for you but will also provide resources and support. There are various thoughts on when is best to start this project, some start before other modules, especially during the summer if they start college in September. Others may find the knowledge gained in the other modules useful for it's completion - the outline and supporting material is on MyAAT (I'm hoping not to do it and transfer to ACCA instead but will study the AAT exam modules alongside overlapping ACCA modules).

    The other options include personal tax, business tax (best to be done in this order if both chosen), credit control, audit and cash management - off the top of my head. There is a full list on the AAT website and distance providers list the options too. Have a look on MyAAT to see what they involve and which best suits your learning needs/preferences.
  • ChevonBauer
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    Hi thank you. I have looked on the AAT website and seen the list of 9 modules which at first I thought I was to complete them all like in Level 3 just going through them book by book. Although, after reading a few discussions on this page I see that is not the case and you actually choose some and then the project that has to be completed, I wasn't aware there was one for AAT. I will need to discuss this with my tutor when he comes back. Thank you.
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