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Hi any advice would be appreciated, I have completed my technician level and have relevant work experience logged from previous employment, I am currently not employed, I do a small amount of book keeping for a few sole traders who are family/friends but have no one who I can use as a professional referee. I am no longer in contact with anyone from previous jobs who would of been able to be a professional referee. I would like to apply for full membership as would then like to apply to be a member in practice. Am I unable to progress to full membership due to lack of professional referee? Any suggestions help would be appreciated thanks


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    Just contact the HR departments of an old employer. All they will do is confirm you worked for them and when. It doesn't matter if all the managers have left.
  • woodyl59
    woodyl59 Registered Posts: 2
    Would this not just confirm my work experience? I already have that logged all I am need is a professional referee?
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