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can anyone please tell me how to get a volunteer placement in accounting? I have tried, and tried. I need some experience do not know where to go.


  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    There is no particular way and many others are struggling to get experience too. The opportunities I've had have been treasury roles for local charity organisations (school PTA and church) and other roles I've done could have incorporated treasury responsibility - youth group and Guides/Brownies. I saw a webpage for teasurers for charity shops so that's another option - they advised going to the shop to volunteer for the role. I presume you've already searched the Do-it website and approached larger local charities without luck. Lots of employers run schemes for short term work experience placements - check their websites or send a speculative CV. Use your contacts, keep being proactive and think outside the box - less obvious organisations and taking a role that isn't just accounting, even admin experience is helpful if you don't already have this experience and you could incorporate some finance work into the role as you go on.
  • youki
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    thanks ariadne for your advice
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