Study planning for L4 Modules

I am about to start L4 study - just the core modules to start to see if I can cope with also studying for ACCA F2 & 3 exams at the same time. I have my books and just need motivation (and sleep).

How big is the step up from L3, is there much overlap, what are the toughest bits you've found so far and how did you plan and motivate for study, especially self study or distance learning? - I'm going completely self study which I didn't think I'd do but L3 was very doable self study so why not try L4 too. It's also good to know how long it took you and how much time you put in. I have two school length days plus evenings and weekends. It took six weeks to study and pass the last four L3 exams but I'm expecting the three core modules to take longer and I'd prefer a more relaxed approach too.

Are there many others starting L4 or still have these modules to study?

I'll check all the tips and support from AAT too!

I am starting with Financial Statements as I finished with AP1&2, then Budgeting and finishing with Financial Performance. I'd like to have a plan to start off and make it realistic so I stick to it so any advice is very helpful.

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