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Hi All,

I want to attempt to finish off my AAT Level 4 this year. My textbooks are from 2011 so are way out of date now. I really struggled with this unit, nothing really made sense to me first time around. I need to buy some new books, can anyone recommend which publisher set of books was easy for you to use and follow? I used Osborne last time.



  • paula2604
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    hi, I would recommend BPP books , they are much easier to work with and understand staff, very clearly written without unnecessary staff.
  • DominicB
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    I am taking the exam today and used Osborne which explained what it covers well. It is my only resit exam as I was a bit complacent. I like Osborne but I slightly worry though that they may not cover all content, as I remember one exam in level 4 having questions about gold and land as investments and neither were covered in the books. I can't remember which exam though.

    Watch out for stray questions entirely about professional ethics also.
  • Rebeccca
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    Hi Focus 888,
    I have a whole bunch of FNPF (Financial Performance) books at home which you're more than welcome to have for a small fee. They're for the 2010 qualification, but there's no change to the content of the exam. Drop me a line and I'll let you know the exact ones I have (there's quite a few as I found this the toughest paper, so got my hands on as many as I could!).
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