Rachetman Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
Want to know whether or not you need to be employed or be in employment to fulfill
technical competencies as part of applying for MAAT?

Ever since graduating with diploma, I have trouble finding a job that entails AAT.
It's been very frustrating and I'm beginning to think that I've wasted my time
doing this course.


  • Paul C
    Paul C Registered Posts: 193 ? ? ?
    Really sorry to hear this - have you tried a volunteer role with a charity? I suppose it all depends on your personal circumstances. On the main query I always find AAT very helpful when I phone them with any queries.
  • Rachetman
    Rachetman Registered Posts: 57 ? ? ?
    Have tried and got more frustrated. I'm not too sure exactly what phoning
    AAT would do to help me. As far as I am concerned, no employer in my area
    is interested in getting someone with an AAT diploma
    as it's worth "less" than a degree, apparently. And the person who runs
    the local branch has been unhelpful. So you can see why I'm sceptical.
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