AAT level 3

Unsure where to post this but I have a question and am really confused on, am just hoping maybe one of you guys might have an idea or answer for me.

I studied my aat level 2 back in 2012/2013 passed all my tests except PEAF which was a level 2 unit at the time, I have come to learn this is now a level 3 unit.
I was planning to come back and finishing my aat in full,I had to stop due to money issues but am now in comfortable position to carry on.

My question is since this is now a level 3 unit and not level 2 and having passed all the other units in level 2 does this make me level 2 qualified or not? or would I have to start my aat from the beginning again?

I have e-mailed the aat to see what they say but just curious as to what you guy think.



  • ariadne
    ariadne Registered Posts: 218
    You should be in my view but see what AAT say. Either way you don't need L2 to carry on and do L3 and L3 will make L2 irrelevant anyway. Go for L3, PEAF has changed format and is now PETH and is a computer based project so you would've had to do this again anyway.
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