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Hi everyone,

Im currently studying AAT Level 3 however I might have the opportunity to do a paid apprenticeship for ATT with courses funded, has anyone done this before or know if it as widely recognised as the aat? And would you recommend this is a good option?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


  • NickCraggs
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    I have done the AAT and I am currently doing the ATT. I think they are a good combination. Obviously ATT is more restrictive than AAT in what you cover, but it is a really good standard of tax. Could you not do both?
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition

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    Hi James,

    I have done both and I loved both! :) I liked the tax modules at AAT which is why I chose to go on to ATT. I'm now doing CTA.

    If you want to specialise in Tax then ATT would maybe be the more appropriate route, however AAT gives you such a good grounding in EVERYTHING, rather than just tax. You could have a look at the syllabus for both and decide that way?

    As Nick says, I would do both if you have the opportunity!

  • JamesM
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    Thanks for the replys, I appreciate it

    I possibly could still do the AAT of an evening but the apprenticeship is looking for someone to start soon as possible they said, where as my aat course runs until June.

    Is tax a good area to specialise in?

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    It depends what your situation is. Do you work for a small practice that does a bit of everything? In industry where you'll be more hands on with management accounting etc? Or going solo and want to specialise in something- ie. tax or payroll?

    Also you need to think about whether you enjoy it or not. There's no point committing to a course that you won't enjoy doing! :)

    B x
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    However, a paid ATT apprenticeship with the course paid for is a good opportunity to get a foot in the door if it is either/or situation.

    B x
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    I dont currently work in an accounts role, so its my AAT course with a part time job on the side. Thats why I dont know whether to stick with AAT and keep looking for jobs to go with it, or go with this apprenticeship if I get offered it.

    Thanks for the reply
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    Hi JamesM,

    I worked with major employers on the development of the Professional Services Higher Apprenticeship framework.

    The number of apprentices doing the ATT on this framework is in mid triple digits and so far, feedback from employers of these apprentices is all positive. Feedback from apprentices is also positive.

    You can read quotes from some of these apprentices on the ATT website.

    The apprenticeship you are being offered is most likely the Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship where you study towards the ATT exams but also learn business skills as part of the apprenticeship.

    If tax is not something you like or remotely interested in then perhaps reconsider. However, if you don't mind it or actually like it then - Is it worth it? quick qnswer - If I search jobs portals for AAT and ATT, I see on average seven job postings for AAT and over 332 for ATT qualified people.

    I hope this helps instead of confusing things more.

    Good Luck!
    ATT Marketing Officer
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    I think AAT
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