Confused about ISYS assessment


If things go well, the ISYS should be the last assessment I need to take.

However, I'm a bit confused on how it works. I understand LearnPlus is now retired, but how would I register for this module? I've been studying the syllabus myself and just taking the exams at Kaplan, which has worked fine so far.

Kaplan appear to offer the ISYS module but at a cost of £389 - hadn't really banked on spending that much (the usual price per assessment is £56). Is it possible to submit an assessment without feedback from these meetings and therefore a cheaper rate? I don't believe I'll have a problem completing it and I would rather not let the module drag on for months.


  • lewpylew
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    I've recently done ICAS with Eagle Education as a stand-alone unit. Their support was fantastic and was well worth the £250 I spent. The help they give you is fantastic and mine was submitted and accepted on the first attempt.

    I had let it drag on for 4 years and it ended up costing me £250 I shouldn't have had to spend, but I can say please do it now as this has meant my qualification has taken years longer to do than it should have!

    Good luck :)
  • RogG
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    I'm currently doing the ISYS with BPP, and I think it was in the region of £350 - 375, but you do get some great support, guidance notes and workbook material to help you. Having used Kaplan previously, I did not find it as good as the BPP online packages - the online lectures are a big help.

    Good luck
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