Part-time work experience

Are there any students out there interested in some part-time work. Probably one day/week processing AR transactions. Leamington Spa.


  • hkaur92
    hkaur92 Registered Posts: 28
    Hi I'm interested in part time work but I live in County Durham, if there is any work you would know of around this area, would be great to hear from you.
    Thank you
  • zippi
    zippi Registered Posts: 182 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Hi there,

    I am currently doing AAT level 4 and looking for part time work, I live in coventry and can travel as it is only 20 minutes or so by car. Please let me know the formalities and so on, thanks.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon :)
  • redgee34
    redgee34 Registered Posts: 1
    I would love to take the opportunity, but I also want to be realistic so I guess my main question is how should I go about this?! I know that I would need to be registered for money laundering and get some public liability insurance, is there anything else I should be thinking about? Should I research writing a set of terms and conditions? How would I go about pricing? Should I get some business cards made up?! I do know that the nursery is new, it only opened in September 2014. I also know that it is a ltd company.

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