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Hi I'm about to finish Level 2 and have felt reasonably comfortable with the content and workload as studying on a Fast track course, I not had any retakes yet (2 exams still to take next week). I'm seriously considering Level 3 Fast track starting in February and need to enrol and pay college fees next week. Is Level 3 more intense/difficult or a natural progression from Level 2. I'm worried I will struggle with the maths side of things. Thank you in advance for any info/advice.


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    L3 is a step up in terms of how much there is to learn and a little in complexity. In terms of the maths I would brush up on percentages, mostly for things like depreciation, VAT and a lot of the Costs and Revenues content. About a million years ago I used a book called 'GCSE in a Week', I found this really helpful and demystified maths for me or check YouTube for tutorials. I've also gained more confidence in maths through doing AAT, perhaps it is because you can see it in a practical and real way as opposed to maths at school which was more abstract. It's far more about the logic and processes than the maths so if you coped well with the bookkeeping modules you will find more of the same. Having an apptitude for it will make it easier (I found L3 easy for this reason but I find other things almost impossible to learn) but you can still do it if not, it just takes more work to make it click.
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    Hi Bendy,

    I am half way through my Level 3 AAT and have found it okay so far.

    If you are a quick learner then you should have no problem being on the fast track scheme, as I have found there is quite a lot to learn for level 3 (compared to level 2)

    Personally, I found Professional ethics the hardest as the exam is, for the most part, a written paper and therefore you have to remember everything in detail. However, if you found Ethics at level 2 fairly easy then you shouldn't have a problem.

    Good Luck!


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