What to do next after AAT Level 4?

dlynagh1 Registered Posts: 3
I am about half way through my AAT Level 3, and I will be progressing on to Level 4, but I am unsure where to go from there.

I would like to charter as an accountant, and then possibly progress and do external auditing, however I am really unsure what to do after AAT Level 4?

Can anybody please offer me some guidance with this?

Thank you.


  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    Audit is the common start point for many accountants in practice; if that is where you want to be, I would suggest looking for entry-level positions in practice now. They will likely pick up the tab for the rest of your AAT and sponsor you through ACA or ACCA to become chartered, and you will likely gain plenty of audit experience at the same time.

    Depending where you are in the country many people seem to have found it difficult to get their foot in the door to get the initial 3-6 months experience; if this is an issue where you are, you may like to look at volunteering in the near future to get some experience on your CV. NPS and more recently Ariadne have both written good posts on this.

    If this is the route you want to go down I'd suggest getting yourself out to prospective firms sooner rather than later, as most won't care whether or not you've completed AAT at the outset, they will still have to train you.
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