Re-Admission to MAAT

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I was an MAAT several years ago and have since gone on to qualify with CIMA, letting my MAAT lapse.

I've recently enquired about reinstating my MAAT and was emailed the forms, I also note that there is a direct entry to MAAT available for CIMA qualified members. However, as a previous MAAT I need to complete a rather long form detailing my CPD, work experience, soft skill competences and technical competence. Whilst I appreciate this is appropriate in some respects (lapsed member etc.), I'm at a loss as to why I need to complete a rather convoluted application process whereas if I was "just" CIMA qualified I could compete a much simpler application process with my CIMA membership evidencing my work experience, skills and CPD.

In summary, it seems there's an inconsistent approach to granting membership: as a previous MAAT I seem to have to "jump through more hoops" than an ICAEW/ACCA/CIMA direct entrant just because I've also completed the AAT qualification - shouldn't this be the other way around? It makes me question if the membership process is fair and therefore worthwhile.



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