Returning to study AAT after 7 years

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Hi, I nearly completed AAT level 2, 7 years ago. I passed the exam at the end, and when we did a mock I got 100% :-)
Due to personal reasons, I couldn't carry on the course, unfortunately by the time I could pick back up again a few years later, I was told by a local college that the structure had change so I would need to start over again.
Originally I did distance learning, but I think I would prefer to go to a classroom this time. What I would like to do is get through level 2 again, before September and in September start level 3.
So I'm wondering if I can study level 2 at home, just using text books (no learing provider), and then take the exam? Is that possible or do I need a learning provider?
Thanks for your help.


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    If you're confident in the content of level 2, you could go straight in at Level 3, you'd need to speak to the college you intend to study at. The main thing with level 3 is that you'll need a good grasp of double entry before you start. Understanding costs would help, but everything in costing at level 2 is repeated at level 3 but in more detail.
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    Hi @bonnie

    It sounds like you're suggesting doing self study for Level 2? This is indeed possible, although we generally advise against it.

    You'd have to do the following:
    1. Register with AAT as a student member. You'd need to do this to access MyAAT and all of our e-learning tools, sample assessments etc. These are crucial for a student self-studying, plus you would have to be a registered student to sit your assessments.
    2. Find a nearby assessment centre that accepts external candidates, which you can find here.
    3. AAT assessments are either Computer Based Tests (CBT) or Computer Based Projects (CBP). CBTs you can take at any of the assessment centres mentioned above, but CBPs need to be marked by a tutor so you would have to contact a training provider that accepts external candidates for this. The Level 2 CBP unit is CPAG. Our training provider search tool can help you find a training provider that will accept you for the single unit.
    4. Find out which books to buy. Usually training providers recommend which ones to buy but we're sure you could ask other student members for their recommendations
    As you can see, it can be quite complicated, which is why recommend that people wishing to self study consider studying with distance learning.

    A lot has changed in the past seven years, especially with regards to how you sit your assessments, so let us know if you need clarification on anything.

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    @NeilH makes a good point: You may be able to start from Level 3 right away, if you feel able. We also have new qualifications that you might want to consider. Try our online Skillcheck and Qualifications Navigator to see what's right for you.
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    I would remind you that testing is very different to what it was under the NVQ standards. Having said that, I had a student a couple of years ago who did exactly this - and did, indeed, fast track to Level 3 - after all, Double Entry has been the same for 600 years!
    Simply put, I say, 'Go for it!' You will get so much from the qualification - I certainly did (I wouldn't be doing what I am now if I hadn't studied AAT).
    Also, there are always people lurking on the Discussion forum to provide assistance/support and advice so, even if you live in the Outer Hebrides, you're never alone!
    Good luck.
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