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I had a query thrown at me last night which I was hoping someone could shed some light on.
He's left his return to the last minute.

He left his job and has lost his P45 which he now needs for his return, we've tried his previous employer to get a copy of his P45. They have come back to us saying they have no record of him working for them (but have his picture all over their website.)

Can anyone advise on the next step, I would have grossed up his salary payments but don't have the PAYE code or take code used.



  • NeilH
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    I'd try pushing the previous employer. In the meantime you could try HMRC as they should have a record. I myself received a statement from HMRC for the last tax year for my PAYE (apparently a new thing to let us know about how taxes work!), so they should have the details. Did the previous employer actually payroll him...?
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    I would have thought he could put a reasonable estimate together from his payslips, indicate that there are estimated figures and explain in the white space what has happened. HMRC will soon come back with amended figures.
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    Just give HMRC a call on the agent dedicated line and ask for his pay and tax details for 13/14- as long as you know the name of the employer they will give you the figures over the phone! If you don't have the employer they will post them. I did it this morning for a client.

    B x

    (assuming you are authorised of course)
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    Thanks for your reply's.

    Sat him down on Friday and made him ring the revenue whilst I was with him, they faxed over the information within half an hour.

    Only downside is he's now self employed and if he can't look after a P45 then what's he going to do with invoices.
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