Calculate a purchase figure for the year?

Preparing statements for sole traders & paternerships. Please could someone advise how to come to the following answer from given information.
Sales for year £95,200 all at 60% mark up. Opening inventory £22,560 and closing inventory £18,420. Calculate the purchased figure for the year? The answer is £55,360 but how was that calculated?
Thank you in advance.


  • CeeJaySix
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    Sales: 95,200 x 100/160 = 59,500 cost of goods sold (60% mark up means the sales figure is 160% of the purchase cost).

    However, closing stock is less than opening stock, meaning you have purchased less stock than you have sold. 22,560 - 18,420 = 4,140.

    59,500 - 4,140 = 55,360
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    Thank you. Please could you guide me with this one too?
    Sales for year £42,000 opening inventory £4700 and purchase were £30,000. Gross profit margin 33 1/3%. Calculate the closing inventory?
  • CeeJaySix
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    Cat, you should be able to work this one through yourself from the example I've given, it's just a different blank to fill in.

    The only other thing you have to be aware of is that this one uses a margin rather than a mark-up.

    A mark-up is calculated from the cost of the goods: a £1 item sold at a mark-up of 50% is sold at 1 + 1x50% = £1.50.

    A margin is calculated from the sale price of the goods: so an item sold at £1.50 with a 50% profit margin means the margin = £1.50 x 50% = £0.75, and therefore the cost is £1.50 - £0.75 = £0.75.

    The first item has a 33% margin (50p profit from £1.50 sale). The second item has a 100% mark-up (75p cost plus 75p mark-up to get to £1.50 sale).

    Does that make sense?

    You can now work out the cost of the goods sold by taking the sales and subtracting the 33% margin. Everything else you should be able to slot into place to get to the answer. If you need further help just ask.
  • Cat37
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    Thanks very much for your time & assistance
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