How to set up a new client in RTI in January 2015

Simona Registered Posts: 5 New contributor ?
I need a bit of help with setting up the RTI for a new client. He had had his payroll done on RTI Basic Tools -HMRC since April 2014.
My question is do I need to add all the payroll history month by month since April 2014 and submit a FPS for each month even thou he has done this up to January 2015? Or I only need to add all the employees with the YTD figures and submit the pay and FPS for January onwards?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.


  • Rozzi Rainbow
    Rozzi Rainbow Registered Posts: 465
    2nd option - just enter the employees' YTD figures and submit FPSs going forward.
  • Simona
    Simona Registered Posts: 5 New contributor ?
    Thank you Rozzi!
    All done :)
  • zunixaani
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    I've also recently signed up with Wix though haven't completed the build yet. Good templates and easy enough to edit. Some advice around SEO's but agree with other posts, you can spend so much time on this. I guess it depends what the purpose of the site is...for me, it is just a place to sign post potential clients to who have seen an advert somewhere or have been recommended by another client. I don't expect to get much business from 'blind' searches.
    Lily lara
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