Ive been studying aat for a while via home study at first intuition at Cambridge and have just failed for the 2nd time my accounts prep 1 exam. Im loosig the will to live with this module, the exam I juat took seemed easier to me yet my feedback was worse than the first one I took. I really struggle with adjustments especially when you get the tb extract and you have 4 questions to answer. The one that is fresh in my mind from the exam that I cant get my head round even though im sure its very easy is as follows

The reconciliation is between the purchase ledger account and the PLCA. A supplier has a credit balance of 119 but it has been recorded in the list of balances as 191. You have to say whether you will add or deduct the difference and Im so confused.

Any feedback would be great. Please be nice as feeling very fed uo right now....p.s have re booked for next week so looks as though its another uneventful couple of weeks for me head burried in books!!



  • Alys2014
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    Hi Ruth,

    How have you got on?

  • j1994
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    Iam struggiling with this question - a car was sold on 23/9/16 for 5340 .motor veichles are depriciated on 25% diminishing balance . For the cost of car its 10600 and 2nd ur deprication is 1987.50 and ca is 5962.50 but then for yr 3 it says both deprication n ca r 0? Aat sample assesmenr1 2013 task1
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