Self Assessment, with tax rebate during the year.

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I have a client who I have filled a sa tax return for 2013/2014:
Employment Income £6867
Tax Paid £743.6
Self Employed Income: £7840
Expenses for SE: £4470
Resulting in a Tax Refund of £584.60

This so far I'm ok with.
But....during the year when he left his employment as he had earned £6867 and had overpaid in tax £743.60.
He had received a refund of £743.60.

My query is will he now owe £159 back to the tax man. (743.60 - 584.60), as he has been refunded too much?
Do I need to do anything other on his self assessment apart from general filling in the amount he earned on the employment section as per P60 (£6867) and then to put the tax deducted as (£743.60).


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    He has not paid the right amount of tax. There is a box to enter any income tax refunded or set off.

    I don't think you should be completing this tax return if you are not completely confident.
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