Stock Control using Sage AND Sage Manufacturing for comparisons

Hello All.

Can anyone help with STOCK CONTROL using SAGE & SAGE Manufacturing?

Each month I have to compare what the manufacturing reports say we have with regards to Stock, Work in Progress & Goods in Transit. I compare these to the figures in the Sage TB. There are always differences.

After qualifying from AAT I inherited this system and the journals to adjust and correct things so that these figures 'match' as best they can. They problem is that I have never understood it and have been copying it from some very quickly scribbled down notes (it was an unintentionally quick training session before my predecessor left) and it's been going wrong for a few months.

For example - this is the instruction I have -
- Using the TOTAL figure from the COST column of the Invoice Profit Report
- Subtract the figure from the P&L COGS
- Then compare the result of this to the Goods in Transit figure on the TB
- If this amount is greater than the GIT, just journal off the GIT figure, if amount is less than, then journal off the full amount. This applies if the difference figure is positive.
- I never actually got to discuss what would happen if the difference figure is negative and what to do in this situation, although I think I've worked it out.
When I put through the journal, I use 1003, GIT and 5000, Stock Purchases.

I have similar instructions to adjust for WIP, using the Work in Progress Valuation Report and the Stock using the Product Valuation Report.

I now need to try and understand things (in a dummy guide kind of way) and put things right. Then create some proper procedures for this. Something is not right with what I am doing. My reports might be matching but now my purchases figure looks wrong.

Does anyone have any experience in this area? Anyone do anything similar? Where can I look to learn about this area?
Any advice or suggestions greatly accepted.
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