Progression From AAT Level 2

I wondered if anybody could help me please!! Im Currently Studying AAT Level 2 ( Hoping to progress onto Level 3 in September) Im really Confused as to what level/qualification is the right path to take? My career plan is to become a qualified accountant and possibly in the late future a chartered accountant.. There is so many different routes i can take ( Qualifications... Etc ) but im just not sure which would benefit me the most in the career i wish to progress in.. Thank You in advance


  • mbuck
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    I would stick with AAT for the time being as it gives you such a broad understanding of accounting and then once fully qualified you can then specialise and extend your knowledge. I'm currently on level 4 and I think you need to experience the next two levels so you know yourself which areas to pursue with and which career paths to take. Good luck with your decision though- am sure whatever you choose will be best suited to yourself
  • nicole0709
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    Thank you..
  • richf
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    For me the right choice has been doing aat, I feel like it covers the basics well.

    I started cima many years ago, and didn't get on with certificate level as found it gave me little knowledge of the basic tasks at a beginner level of accounting.

    For someone actually working in accountancy I would of thought ACCA etc may be better choice as the basics will be picked up through work, and you can progress in your objective of becoming chartered quicker ....depends on situation and confidence I suppose.
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