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Does anyone else agree that the AAT resources available to you before you sit an exam are not sufficient enough? I am now on level 4 and have sat my first exam in cash management, which I am not yet competent. However, I believe that the two sample assessments available are not enough to fully prepare you for the exam and the anomalies that the AAT put in.

I have spoken to my tutor and classmates regarding this and they share similar views. This may be enough to support you through level 1/2/3 but for the depth of knowledge and the variety of questions that can be asked I don't believe this is adequate in level 4.

I think that the AAT should do more to prepare you for the range of questions that will be asked and the different ways is which they can ask them. The issue of 2 samples of each question before an exam is not good enough in my eyes. During my exam, I was asked questions in ways that I had not seen during studying/ revision and the sample assessments, which completely threw me and was 100% unsure as was not something I had covered. When I spoke to my tutor, it came to light that the only resources available to them is also the two sample assessments and they base there learning material on that, which reiterates that you practice a certain way in which you view and tackle a task.

Please understand I am not trying to excuse myself for my disappointing results in the exam, I just want more support from the AAT and wondered if anyone else agreed?

Please comment as would like to know your thoughts!


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    Hi @mbuck

    Thanks for prompting this discussion. AAT is an open organisation and we invite feedback like this. We're going to close this thread since you opened another with the same topic here and that one already has a reply.

    Other users: please reply with your thoughts to this subject in the thread above.

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