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Financial performance or Financial statements?

zippizippi Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 182
Hi all,

My next unit is going to be financial statements, just wanted to know from people who have attempted both, which one is harder to get through, Performance or Statements?

Any comment is appreciated!


  • Dan25Dan25 Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I would be interested to hear thoughts on this also, I've done statements but not performance yet.

    I found statements the hardest module so far (with only performance and the ICAS project left). Lots of ratios to learn for statements and you also have to have knowledge to explain them too. A good knowledge of SFP, P and L and cashflows is also required as 2 of these 3 come up and are worth a lot of marks.
  • Toby82Toby82 Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    I have passed financial statements before Christmas and am about to do my financial performance exam. Must say that I have found financial performance the hardest unit i have done so far since I've started studying AAT. Speaking to others in my collage class I know they feel the same as well.
  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    I have passed my financial performance but dreading financial statements, possibly going to start tonight. The BPP book has 11 chapters with almost 400 pages, the thickest one I have come across so far!
  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Started financial statements tonight and I would say I found it harder than performance. 10 minutes before the finish time another tutor walked in and said to everyone that one group of people who sat exam said it was different from others. Apparently long written questions could be from any IAS or Ifrrs's. Got to learn them all. Chief examiners report could be read from AAT website for further information.
  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Good luck to you, I hope to pass too! Any further comments on financial performance and statements are welcome! More opinions the merrier!
  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Thanks Stewart, much appreciated. I started financial statements and have had 2 lessons and am finding statements a lot harder than performance. Again, I had taken a year break for personal reason, so may have forgotten some of the double entry adjustments. I guess will have to look at basics again and work from there onwards. Please thank all the people who commented on LinkedIn and if you get any more responses, I would appreciate if I could read them.
  • zippizippi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 182
    Thanks, don't have problems with formulas or understanding of it but adjustment double entries, just have to work at it.
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