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Hey, so I'm on the final stretch of the AAT course, with my final exam in July. I'm expecting a wage increase when it is confirmed that I have passed, but I don't know what I should expect? I'm 20 years old and my current wage is super rubbish (minimum wage for 37.5 hours). I work at a large manufacturing company in small finance team where the purchase ledger clerk gets £20500-£21500 a year. He isn't AAT qualified and has been here for five months.

I'd had small talks with my boss about a wage increase but of course nothing too serious yet. Should I be expecting to be given a better wage than the PL clerk or is that asking too much given my age? I've had stints in credit control, purchase ledger, cash management and I am soon to be working directly under my manager in an assistant role.

I feel that I should be getting a raise to mid £20's in the next year but I'm not too sure how to go about it.

Any advice/comments appreciated. Thanks


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    Hi Matt,

    I don't think it matters on your age at all. Normally payrises are given on a variety of things such as; performance and hard work, completion of qualifications, experience and also annual pay reviews.

    I was 20 when I started in accounts and was on a lower wage then (Junior Accountant - basic starting salary, no previous experience). I have now been in accounts 2 years and with gaining more experience and passing exams my salary is increasing each year. I am wanting it to again this year and have had a brief chat with my line manager to discuss this.

    I'd say there is nothing wrong with discussing this further with your line manager. You mentioned you will be taking on more responsibility as part of your role, and if you've passed exams and/or are close to finishing a level you could also use this as leverage in your favour? (I did this in 2013 when passing Level 2). I've always found that you have to show why you're worthy of a higher salary and show what you can bring to the business now (i.e. your new acquired skills, that you want to put into practice and so on). Asking for a pay review is always a tricky thing but don't be afraid, your boss is the same (they'll be wanting one too!).

    Hope this helps in some ways & Good Luck!
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