New to Level 3

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I completed level 2 just before christmas, and have just received all my books to start level 3, through distance learning with Kaplan, all I've received is a box of books, no help or idea of what order to do them in, are any of the modules pre-requisites for others? What order should I complete them in?



  • Alys2014
    Alys2014 Registered, Tutor Posts: 4
    Hi Vicky,

    I'm studying vis Distance Learning with First Intuition. I get sent each unit 1 and a time. I started with ACPR followed by FSTP and I am about to start on ITAX. I'm not sure which order the remainder are done in, I just ask for the next one to be sent each time I pass an exam! This should at least give you a starting point.

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