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Good evening all,

I'm strongly considering a job move but I'm a bit stuck where to start looking apart from trawling through the great big internet, searching for local firms.

Does anyone know of the top recruitment firms that operate across UK or in South UK in relation to job vacancies for working in practice, or could personally vouch for one?

I work at a relatively good company so I'd have to be a bit picky, hence why I'm having trouble finding a new job.

Any input is appreciated, hopefully this thread may be of use to others to?



  • Londina
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    best to avoid them as recruiters are pretty useless these days!

    Just put your CV online, create a Linkedin profile and look for vacancies from direct employers.
  • Neillaw
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    I would put your CV on Reed or Total Jobs and recruiters will start contacting you with positions.
    Other than that the best idea is word or mouth.
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