Purchase Ledger, help!!

Hello all

I currently work for a company which has 250+ employees. I have been working on the Purchase Ledger for over a year now, I would like to start making my job a little less admin by purchasing or downloading software which could make my life a little bit easier. This is my first accounts job and I am currently studying AAT so I would like to start learning more of the nominal ledger and management accounts side of Finance rather than the Purchase Ledger to help with my studies however I currently dont have time.

At the moment we are processing invoices direct to the purchase ledger using Sage 200, which seems very manual and outdated especially when I am inputting 150+ invoices onto sage a week. We aren't using the purchase order processing software within Sage as this still hasn't been set up, I am currently using an excel spreadsheet for Purchase Orders and allocating numbers through the spreadsheet.

Expense claims are currently filled in by employees onto an excel spreadsheet which is then signed and passed to me for payment however most of the time the VAT is being calculated wrong which means I am constantly looking through receipts to correct it. The way expenses are processed by myself is exactly the same as the invoices where they are posted manually direct to the purchase ledger.

Are there any programs which anyone currently uses which links with Sage for the purchase ledger?

Any help or advice on how to decrease the amount of time I am spending inputting invoices onto sage would be very helpful.


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