ISYS how big a deal is it? bpp or kaplan?

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Hi all,

Not sure if I've posted before, so I'll start with hello!

I'm working my way through aat level four at the moment and, barring resits, I plan to have all the tests done by mid June.

This just leaves me with ISYS.

I originally booked to start this through online course with Bpp on 31st August, which is a twelve week course. I booked all my level 4 with bpp in one go to receive a discount.
My thinking was that best case I'd have the summer off, worse case I'd be doing resits.

Problem is my wife has recently got pregnant with our second child, and the due date drops right in the middle of the project.
I've tried to bring the date forward with bpp but they have no availability.

I've contacted kaplan and it seems their course for ISYS is over one month and submission is required within six months.

So I could pay extra, and do the course with kaplan starting June..... However Im concerned the quality of the course may not be the same?
Or wait, do ISYS with bpp starting 31st August, and have overlap with birth of my child..... If ISYS Is not too hard then this may be doable?

I'd rather not put back the project as my plan is too finish this year in time to study for Acca exams next summer, and move jobs after the project is finished if possible.

Any help much appreciated.


P.S. I'm posting this message from phone, so hopefully no predictive text hiccups!


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    Not sure why you need a 12 week course for ISYS, you can write the project in your own time (4 month deadline for first draft, 6 months to complete - realistically, you can knock a passable first draft out in a day) - the training provider is just there to mark and feedback.

    Regardless of that, Kaplan and BPP are the two big training providers, and their offerings are much of a muchness, different people just have different experiences.

    If you can spare an hour a day with a newborn then you will finish comfortably within the timeframe, but I'm not sure I'd want the distraction!
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    thanks, I may pay the extra and do with kaplan I think. I know from our last child that you don't get much chance to do anything in first month or so.

    Recieved an email from bpp earlier suggesting that I could join the isys course which started a week ago. They are just teasing me!

    My financial statements exam is in a month and have the two tax modules back to back after, not sure i could cope with isys alongside these.
    My wife has fair bit of work with her PhD, and we have a first child.
  • richf
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    Little update,

    New plan, I'm starting ISYS on the 13th of April with BPP.
    At this point I will have finished financial statements, nearly finished personal tax lectures and just have business tax module to do.

    Going to be tough but at least I'll be finished in time for pregnancy due date in October.
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