Cash Management

Hello All

I am AAT qualified and am trying to find out further details regarding the Cash Management module and thought what better place to go than the forums! The information I seek is for a colleague who needs to complete two modules to qualify. They are interested in cash management and have asked me what I know about the module... all I could tell them was what the AAT site has and that it had changed since I studied AAT. I am not able to access the study support area which I had hoped to as I think there is plenty of information/module info sheets there.

Can any of you who have or are currently studying the module give me some information/feedback which I can share with my colleague. My colleague is looking to studying using online lectures.

Please feel free to send me a private message as I can't always get on here but will receive a notification if you message me (I think!) :)

I hope you kind people can help me and my colleague.

Many thanks in advance.

~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
Benjamin Franklin
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