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Hi guys,

Hope all are well and working really hard towards exams.

I have just these two units to complete, and wanted to hear from everyone who has sat these on what they thought about it? And also what is the best possible way to prepare in order to prove competent at the first time of asking ?

Please leave a reply below.

Thank you


  • Billy
    Billy Registered Posts: 21 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi, sorry for the very late reply as have just signed in today since then.

    I'm currently working towards it, but have to say this (FP) seems like a tough one.

    Just wanted to ask how have you prepared for it? Eg books etc? Im using my college tutorials and questions as a way of learning it. However I do also now have the Osborne books.

    Which do you think would be best for me?

    Just this and the statements to do, just want it over and done with ASAP now.

    Thank you
  • sophie18
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    Hi ,

    I thought this exam was awful.... retaking this again on Thursday! Hopefully I pass this time... I didn't really feel like I had enough time either and found it very pressuring. I used the Osborne textbook but used BPP for the question bank and practice. The BPP books are amazing (well I think so) the questions are alot harder than the Osborne ones. I revised so much for this exam and then on the day my mind went blank.... did find though I didn't really know what the questions were asking me and found this confusing. Was quite confident for this exam before I had gone in, as I knew the ratios inside out and consolidated accounts and statement of cash flows I felt very happy with. I would say don't underestimate the written sections as this is where many people I have spoke to have slipped up.

    All the best
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