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I am going to have my first AAT Level 3 exam this week on indirect tax.

Ive never done AAT before and did Accounts at A Level, thats why Ive jumped onto Level 3. I'm doing an apprenticeship at the moment and have applied for another apprenticeship with a top 10 firm and I will be studying the level 4 AAT as I've got the accounts a level.

I just wandering If you could answer my question regarding whether I will be able to start the Level 4 if I complete my first Level 3 exam.


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    hbapu191 Registered Posts: 6
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    You can sit the exams in any order you like, so there's no reason you wouldn't be able to start level 4.

    I was under the impression you needed level 3 and level 4 to qualify though; is that not the case?
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